Zaporizshstal 1680 mm Coilbox™

Unlocking performance in a hot strip mill

Zaporizhstal Integrated Iron-and-Steel Works | Ukraine | 2005–2007

Shortest time between coils

Less than 5 seconds gap-time capability to deliver coils to the FM

Custom foundation Coilbox™


  • Zaporizhstal was modernizing its hot strip mill (HSM) with new reheat furnaces able to handle larger slab lengths while smaller existing furnaces continued to handle small slabs.
  • The mix of slab sizes created the need for a Coilbox™ that could roll the larger slabs and handle smaller ones with as little as 5 seconds between bars at the finishing mill.
  • The older HSM had a very shallow mill flume and a mostly manual operation, creating additional challenges.


  • With a custom-designed, mandrelless Coilbox™, Zaporizhstal was able to coil and uncoil small and large transfer bars, maintaining a gap at the finishing mill of less than 5 seconds.
  • The thermal advantages of the Coilbox™ were achieved with the mandrelless transfer design, high processing speeds in the Coilbox™, and the implementation of energy-saving heat shields.


  • The Zaporizhstal Coilbox™ can deliver coils to the finishing mill with the shortest gap-time: less than 5 seconds.
  • The Zaporizhstal Coilbox™ has a small foundation footprint compared with mandrelless transfer coilboxes.

Project numbers

5-second delivery intervals between coils at FM
5 kg/mm small coils can be processed

Services & technologies provided

Iron and Steel

Technology Development

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