USS Gary Works No. 8 Blast Furnace Reline

U.S. Steel | United States | 2010 - 2013


ahead of schedule


final cost under-run of budget estimate


  • The project included the design and replacement of significant structural members, including the skip bridge and cold-blast main bridge.
  • The hearth walls, which had not been replaced since 1995, the stack refractory, some cooling members, and a stove shell were also replaced.
  • Various control systems had to be replaced, including the distributed control system, stove common programmable logic controller (PLC), and charging PLC.
  • A significant change in scope in mid-FEL4 had to be accommodated. The change was incorporated without issue.


  • We provided engineering, procurement, and construction management services, including purchasing services, construction and safety management, and warehousing and materials management.
  • 3D-engineering modeling was used, included laser scanning of the existing plant areas.


  • Engineering was completed on time.
  • The project team had to adjust to a significant change in the scope in mid-FEL4, which was incorporated without issue.
  • Construction was completed 2-½ days earlier than the planned 48-day outage, saving significant cost by avoided lost production.

“Well done from all areas of execution! Thanks for the continuous updates on the status throughout the outage.”

Dave Hathaway | Corporate Engineering Manager, U.S. Steel

Project numbers

12% under-run of estimated cost
2+ days early completion of planned 48-day outage

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