Ranger Brine Concentrator

Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) | Australia | 2011–2013

110,000 tpa

of uranium oxide produced

1.83 gigalitres

of tailings water purified for discharge to wetland filters annually


work hours with
0 LTIs


  • After three decades, Australia's longest continually operating uranium mine is one of only three in the world to produce over 110,000 tonnes of uranium oxide per year.
  • Located adjacent to World and National Heritage sites and Aboriginal land, the mine is subject to some of the world’s strictest environmental protection regulations.
  • Environmentally-sound brine-concentrator technology must reduce process water inventory and manage the impacts of heavy rainfalls.
  • Water from the mine tailings must be processed to produce 1.83 gigalitres of highly pure water suitable for discharge through wetland filters each year.


  • Conducted feasibility study and completed project as the EPCM contractor with a peak on-site team of 25.
  • Scope included design and supply of the brine-concentrator technology package with supporting facilities.
  • Used thermal energy and environmentally sound technology to treat tailings water and evaporate, condense, and discharge it, clean and distilled. ERA is now able to reduce its process water inventory and manage heavy rainfalls.
  • Equipment design and manufacturing took place in Australia and abroad, in full compliance with stringent applicable local standards.


  • The A$220 million brine-concentrator project was delivered on budget and schedule by our EPCM team.
  • The project required management of contractors in a remote part of the Northern Territory.
  • A site office was established and Hatch systems were put in place to manage contractors.
  • Commissioning took place in the second half of 2013.

Project numbers

A$220 million CAPEX
~620,000 work hours with no LTIs

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