NKMZ 2500 mm Coilbox™

Purpose-designed for extremely wide and heavy transfer bars

Novokramatorsky Mashynobudivny Zavod (NKMZ) | Ukraine | 2009–2012

Up to 2,350 mm wide

transfer bars accommodated

Up to 45 mm thick

transfer bars handled

Coilbox™ thread speed

designed for over 4.0 m/s


  • NKMZ is an original equipment manufacturer for the steel industry and other heavy industries.
  • Working with the OEM, Hatch designed the Coilbox™ required for the upgrade of a Russian hot strip mill to expand the product mix at its plant in Kramatorsk, Donetsk Region, Ukraine.
  • A wide Coilbox™ needed to be designed to handle heavy transfer bars up to 45 tonnes, coils up to 45 mm thick, and coils up to 2,350 mm wide.


  • A custom-designed Coilbox™ was provided to handle the demanding transfer bars at high processing speeds.
  • Advanced 3D modeling and design tools were used to address the additional loading demands.
  • In addition to mechanical design, the design and supply of Coilbox™ motors, AC drives, control panels, operator desk, programming of the controller and human-machine interface were provided.


  • Our engineering team worked efficiently with the Ukrainian equipment manufacturers and the Russian end-user to meet the higher requirements of the mill process and manufacturing schedule.
  • The Coilbox™ was designed for one of highest Coilbox™-mill-production rates of 5.5 mtpy.
  • The Coilbox™ was able to handle transfer-bar widths of 1,000 mm to 2,350 mm and a maximum coil mass of 45 tonnes.

Project numbers

2,350-mm-wide coils

45-mm-thick transfer bars

4.0 m/s thread speed

Services & technologies provided

Iron and Steel

Technologies Group

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