Muga Potash Plant

Wet processing plant—basic and detailed engineering

Geoalcali Sociedad Limitada (S.L.) (owned by Highfield Resources Limited) | Spain | 2015-2017

Projected to produce around 500,000 t/y of granular potash in first phase

Flagship project for a new client

Global response with multinational team

Delivered within agreed schedule and within budget


Geoalcali S.L. was looking for a partner that could meet three of their challenges:

  • Potash-specific expertise
  • Project execution capability in execution projects (FEL 4)
  • Bilingual capability to support a Spanish-speaking client


  • We provided strong mineral-specific knowledge with process engineering professionals who were experienced in potash projects.
  • A blended team was proposed that used Canadian, Chilean, and Colombian personnel to provide project leadership and local support that included senior Spanish-speaking professionals.
  • The project team was well integrated with Geoalcali S.L. and the teams across the globe, aligned to project objectives and committed to delivery.
  • We provided highly efficient project logistics and execution to overcome the challenges of working across the globe and against the time-zone differences between Europe and the Americas. 


  • We utilized global work-sharing with the offices in North and South America to achieve the desired cost and schedule goals.
  • The global response model added significant value by providing potash expertise and a very competitive hourly rate.
  • Of Muga's four major potash projects, this is its flagship project.
  • During HAZOP and constructability workshops, a team of experts came together to optimize engineering. 

“Over the life of the project, Hatch and Hatch Indisa personnel were not only very responsive but also helpful and reasonable in their approach to the many changes that occurred. I personally attribute this to the multicultural team, and to the leadership that was associated to the project. Cooperation and seeking the best outcome has always been the goal and was, in fact, the rule for this project.”

Michael X. Schlumpberger | Executive General Manager Operations, Highfield Resources Limited

Project numbers

Around 500,000 t/y of granular potash in first phase
80,000 hours of detailed engineering
20 months from basic through detailed engineering
Total project CAPEX estimated at €267 million (≈USD$315 million)

Services and technologies provided

Project Management

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