MSP Tailings Treatment Plant

Richards Bay Minerals | South Africa | 2008–2011

300 t/h

combined feed rate

ZAR1.24 billion


  • When mineral separation processes (MSPs) are inefficient, valuable products like zircon and titanium-oxide–bearing minerals can be frequently lost to the tailings that are stockpiled in the mining lease.
  • This project addressed that issue by building a new treatment plant to recover valuable minerals lost to the tailing streams from the MSP plant and stockpiled at a combined feed rate of 300 t/h.


  • A new mineral separation process (MSP) tailings-treatment plant addressed the problem, with engineering, procurement, and construction management services provided by our our professionals.
  • We managed the full scope of the project work: basic and detailed engineering; conveyor design; project and construction management; procurement services; and management of the plant and support to Richards Bay Minerals' staff the during commissioning.


  • Project completed under budget

Project numbers

300 t/h combined feed rate
ZAR1.24 billion

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