Eagle Point Mine

Cameco Corporation | Canada | 2012

C$10 million

in capital savings


technology selected

>C$50 million

capital value


  • To extend the life of Eagle Point uranium mine, large volumes of mine water needed to be treated and disposed of in accordance with provincial guidelines.
  • Historical water-quality records indicated that the mine feedwater had higher levels of contaminants than a supposedly representative water source selected for a previous pilot study.
  • A chemical precipitation process was deemed necessary to ensure proper removal of uranium and radium so the mine's uranium production could continue to grow.
  • Radon levels in the treatment water were also at risk of being high enough to exceed Canada’s guidelines for their indoor-air concentration should a significant quantity be released.


  • We prepared a feasibility study for a new mine-water treatment plant for the Rabbit Lake uranium-mining operations near the Eagle Point deposit.
  • Achieving the project treatment goals required a combination of actual-equipment pilot-testing, jar testing, projection software, and supporting information from technical literature.
  • A two-pass, reverse-osmosis system was designed, preceded by a chemical precipitation process. This was judged necessary to ensure adequate removal of uranium and radium.
  • Based on economics and operational considerations, a simple aeration process was determined to be the most effective technique for removing radon.


  • Selecting Actiflo™ enabled significant capital savings of up to C$10 million.
  • Actiflo™ was also shown to be the most favorable technology for handling variations in feedwater TSS, consuming less coagulant or flocculant while producing higher-quality effluent.
  • A self-contained, mainly preassembled system that is easily moved from location to location, Actiflo™ enabled a simple, efficient, and cost-effective installation at the Northern Saskatchewan site.
  • Actiflo™ has a smaller footprint than either a conventional clarifier or a sedimentation pond. Installing it indoors eliminated the need for insulation to address the effects of sub-zero weather on the sedimentation process.

Project numbers

Actiflo™ technology selected
>C$50 million capital value

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