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Fluidized bed dryers boost production at high-altitude magnesium plant

Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Co., Ltd. (QSLIC) | China | 2010–2012


fluid beds


smaller vessels than predecessors


HCl gas


  • The existing fluid bed dryers needed to be reviewed for structural integrity and suitability at the new high-altitude project site, which was characterized by severe seismic zoning.
  • The magnesium production-capacity target was 100,000 tpa, compared to the original production capacity of 48,000 tpa.


  • To achieve the higher production capacity, the number of fluidized bed dryers was tripled for a total of six hot air dryers and six HCl gas dryers. 
  • Finite element-analysis modeling was used to verify and improve the mechanical design of the fluidized bed dryers, reducing costs. 
  • The feed distribution to each dryer stage was enhanced for more uniform mixing, increasing dryer efficiency. 
  • The internal components of the dryers were simplified and optimized to increase their efficiency, achieve production targets, and reduce costs.


  • The new air dryer design has a 30% smaller vessel diameter. 
  • It uses the fluidized bed area and materials of construction more efficiently, and has improved the air duct layout and maintainability. 
  • The two existing HCl dryers were refurbished with minor changes to enhance cost savings. 
  • Fluid bed dryers were designed according to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII.

Project numbers

100,000 tpa magnesium production capacity
2-stage hot-air fluidized bed dryer
10-stage HCl-gas fluidized bed dryer
2,700 m above sea level
400°C design temperature

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