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Swirl Disperser Technnology

Concentrate Burner Improvement and Swirl Disperser Technology Development

Achieving unprecedented smelting performance

BHP Billiton | Australia | 2013–2014

99% oxygen efficiency
Reduced fuel consumption
Increased throughput
10x longer intervals between maintenance


  • Achieve a step-change improvement in copper concentrate burner-combustion performance to debottleneck production at the Olympic Dam smelter.


  • Developed innovative, patent-pending swirl disperser technology. 


  • Exceptional improvement in burner-combustion efficiency
  • Reduced oxygen and fuel consumption
  • Increased throughput and smelter availability 

“In addition to the other benefits, the new disperser has significantly improved process stability.”

Shu Chen | Senior Metallurgist, BHP Billiton, Olympic Dam

Project numbers

11% improvement oxygen efficiency
10x more concentrate smelted per disperser campaign
3x reduction in SO3 production in electrostatic precipitator

Services & technologies provided


Technology Development

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