Clairton Improvement Project

U.S. Steel | United States | 2008–2014

960,000 tpa

increase in capacity

2 MM

man-hours with 0 LTIs

2 months

ahead of schedule


produces most coke in the U.S.


  • Provide engineering (battery limits), procurement, and construction management services for the coke oven project, including a cogeneration facility that will use the coke-oven by-product gases to produce and supply electricity to all three Pittsburgh-area Mon Valley Works facilities.
  • Install a new state-of-the-art, high-efficiency coke battery to replace the lost metallurgical coke capacity of three existing batteries.
  • Add a fully assembled screening station, tied-into and commissioned while existing equipment remains in operation.


  • The new C Battery has 84 ovens that replace ones from the 1950s, producing the same amount of coke with better emission control.
  • New foul-gas collection technology known as the "PRO-ven" system was added. This was it's first application in the USA on a coke battery, dramatically improving oven process control and reducing oven emissions.
  • Automation systems were fully assembled and shop tested.
  • A fully assembled screening station was added, implemented, and brought into operation without the need to shut down existing equipment.


  • Best Energy/Industrial Projec, Engineering News-Record, Mid-Atlantic Region and ESWP Project of the Year.
  • Completed two months ahead of schedule, under budget, and with more than 2 MM man-hours with 0 LTIs.
  • New C Battery with 84 ovens, eliminating ones from the 1950s, producing the same amount of coke and reducing emissions.
  • A new foul-gas collection technology known as the 'PRO-ven' system was included. Employed for the first time in the USA on a coke battery, it dramatically improves oven process control and reduces oven emissions.

"USS was very pleased to have the facility two months early, which provided not only additional product availability but also Federal Tax Relief."

Ray Terza | Direct Coke Technology, U.S.Steel

Project numbers

$500 million
70 new permanent positions
850 tradesmen during construction
84 ovens eliminated existing ovens from 1950s

Services & technologies provided

Construction management


Iron & Steel


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