Catastrophic risk assurance program

Improved risk management

Global | 2016-present

150+ materially unwanted events identified

30+ sites across 11 countries reviewed

Improved safety and operational performance

Developed corporate risk assurance program


Need corporate risk assurance program to provide confirmation that catastrophic risk and materially unwanted events are under control and appropriate mitigation is in place in the event of an incident.


Developed the framework for the audit, established the standards and criteria, and performed both initial and continued technical audits for a global organization.


  • The audits covered more than thirty independent metallurgical facilities across eleven different countries.
  • The program started in 2016 and is ongoing, covering multiple commodities.
  • The program leverages Hatch’s technical SMEs and risk consultants to provide both a gap analysis and risk assurance on all aspects of operational activities.
  • Elicited 150+ potentially catastrophic materially unwanted events that required the development of technical or operational interventions including operational and engineering standards. 

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