Anling 1700 mm Coilbox™

High-performance Coilbox™ to support modern, greenfield hot strip mill

Ansteel Chaoyang Anling Steel & Iron Co. Ltd. | China | 2009–2011


operational Coilbox™ thread speed of up to 5.0 m/s


coil mandrelless transfer mechanism


coiling performance with consistent round coil for all conditions


  • Ansteel was planning a new, high-performance greenfield hot strip mill in Chaoyang, China.
  • It required a Coilbox™ to allow maximum processing flexibility for a wide variety of products and operating conditions.


  • Inexperienced domestic suppliers were considered, but ultimately Ansteel turned to us for our world-class, leading coilbox technology.
  • The Hatch Coilbox™ demonstrated the processing speeds and reliability required for the new hot strip mill.


  • The Anling Coilbox™ has the highest coilbox thread speed of 5.0 m/s and the highest reliability of coiling with no ovality.
  • The new Coilbox™ has a simpler mandrelless transfer system than previous designs.
  • The new Coilbox™ has the most flexible operator interface to allow for manual intervention when needed.

Project numbers

5.0 m/s maximum reliable thread speed
5.5 m/s maximum reliable run speed
3 seconds is the shortest stopping time between end of coiling and start of uncoiling

Services & technologies provided

Iron and Steel

Technology Development

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