Work Trains for New York City Transit Authority

Designing and procuring work cars and locomotives, providing technical and commercial support for NYCT

New York City Transit Authority (NYCT) | Brooklyn, NY, USA | 2006-Ongoing

The New York subway system opened in October of 1904

There are 36 rail lines on the NYCT subway

Laid end-to-end, the tracks would stretch from New York to Chicago


  • NYCT needed to procure a variety of new and rebuilt work cars to maintain its rail infrastructure.
  • The vehicles must run on a system with restrictive clearances, stringent weight limits, emission standards, and challenging operating and environmental conditions.
  • NYCT needed trusted expertise to manage the design, manufacture, upgrade, and procurement for a variety of vehicles in support of its over 100-year-old subway system.


  • Developed the technical specifications, negotiated commercial and technical contract terms, and assisted with the design, manufacture and upgrade of multiple locomotives and crane cars.
  • These included 25 low-emission R255 diesel-battery hybrid locomotives for use on work trains; 12 R253 crane cars; and R257 locomotives (in which 10 existing GE-built electric R77Es are being converted to Tier 4 diesel-electric vehicles).
  • Supported procurement of three R251 non-self-propelled vacuum trains, two R172 ballast regulators, and new signal supply cars. Provided technical specifications and reviews, preliminary and critical design reviews, structural design review and test witnessing, and extensive on-site production support.
  • Assisted in technical specification development, structural design, testing, and inspection of 65 flat and continuous welded rail cars.


  • Provided NYCT with a continuously renewed fleet of work cars, ensuring the safety and reliability of the largest transit system in the United States.
  • The new and repurposed fleet of over 600 work cars is larger than the revenue fleets of many transit agencies.
  • The units are the first large scale order for hybrid locomotives in North America, featuring a state-of-the art lithium-ion propulsion battery system that safely provides up to eight hours of zero-emission locomotive operation at underground work sites.
  • Successfully converted former revenue cars (R110A carshells and R72 flatcars) to create two four-car pump trains. Work included conceptual and full design development, manufacturing and testing oversight, and development of maintenance and repair manuals for the hydraulics system and rail vehicle equipment.

Project numbers

662 miles of rail infrastructure at NYCT
600+ work vehicles on NYCT
3 vacuum trains on NYCT

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