Transport for London's and Crossrail's Economic Impact

Transport for London and Crossrail | United Kingdom | 2012-2014

Clear insight into a major economic boost

Detailed analysis of purchasing and employment

Economic modeling of multiplier effects


  • Transport for London (TfL) and Crossrail were keen to understand the full effects of their purchasing, employment, and operations in the regions and nations of the U.K.


  • Hatch completed an annual analysis of the economic impact of TfL's and Crossrail’s spending with U.K. suppliers.
  • Using data from each organization alongside our own modeling, we mapped out their respective supply chain and assessed their gross economic impact on employment.


  • The analysis provides insights into the geographic and sectoral pattern of their impact, including for all the regions and nations of the U.K.
  • Combined spending of both organizations generates a significant boost to the U.K. economy and to places outside London.

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