Three Chain Road project

Confidential | Australia | 2018-2020

Incident-free project
Detailed design for 12.5 km road including storm-water drainage


  • The client is required to upgrade Three Chain Road to provide access to the town of Moura, previously provided by Gibihi Road which was recently closed.
  • The project incorporates a bridge crossing over existing conveyor lines and a mine access road, as well as a Bebo Arch structure haul road underpass.
  • The project also allows for the upgrade of the existing intersections with Dawson Highway.


  • Route development to establish alignment of the road.
  • Management of survey and development of title plans.
  • Environment and cultural heritage investigations and reporting.
  • Preparation of a development application for submission to council.
  • Geotechnical investigations including management of drilling and excavation contractors.
  • Hydrology and hydraulic design of cross-drainage structures.
  • Detailed design for the preferred option including:
    • Design of 12.5 km road including storm-water drainage
    • Structural design for a mine infrastructure overpass bridge and haul road underpass
    • BIM modeling of structures
  • Obtain appropriate approvals for the Dawson Highway/Three Chain Road intersection including a rail level crossing, realignment of 2 km of Dawson Highway together with an upgrade of two existing services (22 Kv power lines, Telstra lines), and protection of gas mains.
  • Construction support services including geotechnical services.


  • Personnel carried out geotechnical investigations throughout 2018 and 2019 without incident.
  • New 12.5 km major regional road

Project numbers

12.5 km road design including storm-water drainage
Realignment of 2 km of highway together with an upgrade of two existing intersections and relocation of existing power services

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