The Calgary Green Line LRT: TOD services and economics

Transit-oriented development (TOD) strategy, advisory services, and economics

City of Calgary | Canada | 2017-2026

20 new transit nodes connecting the City from north to south

Strategy for key network nodes, land-use modeling, and zoning

12+ prime opportunities for medium-to-high-density mixed-use TOD


  • Following our business-case analysis and ancillary revenue research, the City is investigating TOD along the new Green Line Light Rail Transit (LRT) corridor.
  • It's further investigating financial tools, including public-private partnerships, to deliver social infrastructure on large TOD sites.
  • These social infrastructure elements, like parks and pathways, are crucial to making large development sites around transit vibrant, pedestrian-friendly, and inclusive.
  • Simultaneously, the City sought Hatch's advice on engaging capital and developer markets to identify incentives that would make development opportunities most attractive.


  • Hatch analyzed development potential, ridership, and community-evolution patterns to produce an optimal go-to-market sales strategy for city-owned land parcels along the Green Line.
  • The best financing structures for delivering infrastructure assets integrated with TOD were recommended on a site-specific basis.
  • An investment structure was developed for the City that maximizes its land-value-capture opportunities.
  • Funding of social infrastructure (i.e., parks and pathways) around priority nodes was identified as a prime objective of TOD.


  • A market-sounding exercise was organized to help national and regional developers understand the trade-offs necessary to catalyze development and test financial structures for delivering social infrastructure cost-effectively.
  • A key set of considerations was outlined that the City could use to accelerate development on a site-specific basis.
  • A full hedonic model was made using parcel data to establish a market context and development strategy.

Project numbers

20 new transit nodes connecting the city from north to south
12+ prime opportunities for medium-to-high-density mixed-use TOD

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