Lima Refinery Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

Upgrading wastewater solutions for a large oil refinery

Husky Energy, Lima Refining Company | United States | 2008–2012

Soil removed and replaced over entire layout area

Critical subservice infrastructure identified and avoided

No refinery downtime


  • The antiquated wastewater treatment facility needed to be replaced and upgraded so flow capacity could be increased, effluent could be treated consistently, odors reduced, and environmental and safety issues optimally managed and addressed.
  • The existing inground API separators had to be replaced with new, aboveground units.
  • A new, aboveground, closed dissolved-nitrogen flotation (DNF) system was installed as a more rigorous replacement for the existing aboveground dissolved air-flotation unit.


  • Engineering, procurement, and construction management services were provided to replace the refinery's wastewater treatment plant.
  • Complete services included conceptual and feasibility studies, process engineering, detailed design, 3D modeling, demolition and relocation plans, process equipment procurement, subcontractor procurement, construction management, and start-up planning.


  • Combining all wastewater sewers into a common inground lift station with an automatic self-cleaning bar screen.
  • Existing API separators were replaced.
  • New dissolved nitrogen flotation unit was installed.
  • New coagulant, polymer, and sulfuric acid chemical-feed systems were provided.
  • A new controls and a master control center (MCC) building were constructed for the new equipment.

Project numbers

3,000 gpm average wastewater flow
6,000 gpm maximum wastewater flow

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