Highway 404 Extension

Smoothing Toronto-area traffic flow with environmentally sensitive greenfield construction

Ministry of Transportation Ontario | Canada | 2008-2014

New greenfield extension of Highway 404
Traffic flow increased
Road infrastructure upgraded
Environmental sustainability implemented


  • Widen Highway 404, one of the Toronto area's main transportation arteries, to accommodate increased traffic. 
  • Extend the highway, upgrading an existing partial interchange and adding 3 commuter parking lots, 2 new overpasses, 2 river crossings, and 5 stormwater management ponds. 
  • Relocate watermains and utilities. 
  • Manage public communications and information-sharing as important aspects of this greenfield construction. 





  • Stormwater management ponds and traffic signals were created in addition to widening Highway 404's further intersections, water mains, overpasses, and river crossings, 
  • A new interchange was create at Queensville Side Road to allow access to the highway.
  • An interchange at Doane was partially created to accommodate for traffic increase in the future. 



  • A risk assessment workshop was held to review the proposed detailed design, identify and quantify potential risks, and recommend mitigative measures. 
  • An assessment for cost sharing between Ministry of Transportation Ontario and York Region was completed for the Doane Road interchange. 
  • Public communications and information sharing were important aspects of the work, as this was a greenfield construction project with two river crossings. 
  • In order to obtain the required environmental permitting and approvals, extensive liaison with agencies and key stakeholders was needed. 



Project numbers

C$89 million construction cost
2 new overpasses
2 river crossings
3 commuter parking lots
5 stormwater management ponds

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