Highway 17 Noise Impact Assessment

Assessing the noise impact on a TransCanada major highway

Ministry of Transport Ontario | Hewitson Creek, Ontario | 2021-2031

Critical work completed on the main interprovincial transportation corridor

Realignment of 3.8 km of highway

Proposed mitigations to minimize noise levels in key residential areas


  • The Ministry of Transport Ontario addressed the substandard alignment and critical rehabilitation needs for Highway 17, the primary route of the TransCanada highway.
  • It was necessary to evaluate the change in noise environment surrounding the area both during and following construction work on the highway.
  • Approximately 3.8 km of the highway would be realigned closer to residential properties, necessitating an extensive noise assessment to determine potential noise impacts and mitigation measures.


  • Assessed the operational noise impact of the realigned highway based on projected road volumes 10 years following construction.
  • Employed CADNAA using the TNM 2.5 model in accordance with NPC-306 guidelines for the assessment.
  • Analyzed changes in the noise environment for noise sensitive areas within the realignment study area.


  • Leveraged impact assessment results to inform noise mitigation methods and rule out the need for noise barriers.
  • Effectively mapped out significant changes in noise environment along the contour of the highway, determining no overlap of community receptors to the south side of the road.
  • Evaluated noise levels from a railway between the local community and the realigned highway.

Project numbers

10 years expected to complete the realignment project

3.8 km of highway realigned near residential areas

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