HKG Integrated Ramp Services

Using reclaimed land to expand one of Asia's biggest airports

Airport Authority Hong Kong | Hong Kong | 2012-2014

Built on 650 hectares of newly reclaimed land

50 aircraft contact gates

50 remote parking stands

One of the largest airport expansions in the world


  • The new Third Runway System (3RS) at the Hong Kong International Airport is one of largest airport infrastructure expansion programs in the world. This included the addition of a third runway, a reconfigured existing runway, an expanded taxiway system, and a new concourse with 50 aircraft contact gates with Multiple Aircraft Ramp System (MARS) gates and 50 remote parking stands.
  • Must be designed to facilitate some of the heaviest international flight traffic in the world.
  • The 3RS project also required the use of the latest technologies to satisfy demands of the client.


  • Provided the programming, planning, and scheme design of all passenger boarding bridges, aircraft docking systems, and ramp services.
  • By using 650 hectares of completely reclaimed land, this project had enough land to ensure that all of the new amenities could be constructed without compromising efficiency.
  • The aircraft contact stands were designed and positioned for simultaneous occupancy (MARS configuration), ensuring that planes could be maneuvered on and off runways and taxiways while other planes are positioned on the stands for boarding and disembarking.
  • Ramp handling operations and passenger comfort amenities are augmented by state-of-the-art technology, including airplane cooling technology for greater passenger comfort.
  • Primary focus was placed on the constructability and use of latest technologies of the airfield systems to address specific stakeholder requirements.


  • Optimizing the configuration of the 650 hectares of newly reclaimed land diminished the impact on the local environment.
  • The integrated gate stand planning and design maximizes the efficiency of the 3RS to ensure the airport operates on a consistent schedule.
  • The multi-passenger boarding bridges simulations helped to design the most efficient way of boarding and disembarking passengers for the best passenger experience.

Project numbers

650 hectares of reclaimed land used.
USD 18 billion project.
This project was carried out under the joint venture of Hatch and Mott MacDonald.

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