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Transnet Group | 2018

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  • The client was studying the expansion of their system and contracted Hatch to assess the capacity of their very long rail corridor with very long single-line sections, different siding lengths, five different train sizes, speeds, and priorities. The client was unable to simulate the movement of trains with their rail modeling software due to the complicated logistics of mixed-use rail and different passing loop lengths on a rail corridor that is mostly single-line.
  • Hatch was also tasked with developing a master train schedule considering additional rolling stock scenarios. Due to the infrastructure complexity and high train density of this system, commercial simulation software tools were not able to produce solutions in a reasonable time, so other technologies were required.


  • With Hatch Optimizer, we generated a detailed train schedule in just a few weeks, taking into consideration all the systems’ constraints. This enabled us to efficiently assess the system capacity based on current and future demand and generate new master train schedules for numerous scenarios in a highly complex environment. This would not have been possible with traditional simulation methods.


  • Generates optimal plans and train schedules for any rail network topography
  • When used in operations, allows for the accommodation of planned maintenance as well as recovery from unexpected breakdowns
  • Assesses the true system capacity
  • Enables optimal, evidence-based decisions regarding infrastructure investments
  • In addition to optimizing rail operations, Hatch Optimizer can include the adjacent stakeholders in your value chain, such as processing operations, yards, and terminals

“The project presented with quite a few challenges. The rail scope of the corridor was particularly complicated due to varying train lengths, varying passing loop lengths, single and double line sections [...]. I regard the innovation and quality of output presented by the Hatch team as invaluable.”

Deirdre Strydom, Programme | Director, Transnet Group

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