Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal 7X Project

Improving capacity as daily business continues

DBCT Management Pty Ltd. | Australia | 2005-2009

3rd largest terminal in the world at time of completion
~50% increase in capacity to 85 million-plus tonnes per annum
1,100 workers in construction at project peak
AUD$1.26 billion, the largest construction program in the terminal’s history


  • Provide engineering and project management solutions that allow for easy construction within a fully operational facility, with minimal disruption to current activity.
  • Carefully integrate multiple disciplines and stakeholder requirements.
  • Include a third inloading system, a stockyard expansion, a third outloading system and a fourth berth.
  • Upgrade major power and control systems, and provide additional controls to reduce the impact of noise and dust emissions. 


  • The stockyard volume was increased by 43% within the same terminal footprint.
  • Innovative vertical concrete bund walls and two additional stockpile rows improved reclaiming efficiency.
  • Automated wagon vibrators were implemented to eliminate manual handling and noise-related health and safety hazards.
  • Jetty was widened on a single row of vertical piles to reduce cost and improve constructability.
  • The new outloading system included a full 3D anti-collision avoidance system for the yard machines, significantly increasing efficiencies for the stacking and reclaiming operations. 


  • Winner, Queensland Engineering Excellence Award – Industrial Development and Manufacturing Engineers Australia, 2010
  • Winner, 2009 Products and Manufacturing Facilities Excellence Award, Engineers Australia
  • Throughput capacity for all major components of the inloading and outloading materials-handling systems reached nameplate capacity almost immediately after commissioning.
  • During the project’s peak, approximately 1,100 workers were involved in construction, many of whom were mid-tier local contractors, which boosted the local economy with employment opportunities. 

Project Numbers

5.5 million total project hours worked.
Approximately 1,100 workers involved in construction at the project’s peak.
AUD $1.26 billion total project cost.
Aurecon Hatch managed safety for the construction activities on site, and completed the project with a lost-time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) of 0.92.

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