Centennial Parkway

Canadian National Railways (CNR)/City of Hamilton | Canada | 2013-2017

Underpass design for expansion of the CN Grimsby Subdivision

Complex utility design integration of hydro, communication, and gas services


  • Reconstruct Centennial Parkway to an expanded four lanes and construct a new subway corridor and CNR expansion, while maintaining existing vehicular traffic as well as train operations (Grimsby Subdivision).
  • The project scope includes the detailed design and tender delivery of a major utility plant relocation and road detour (advanced tender).
  • Grade separation design incorporates allowances for future Centennial GO Station infrastructure including fit-outs for stair access from the road (integrated in abutment design) and station platform (design loads and geometry).


  • Adapted a work plan that allowed for advanced utility relocation in conjunction with a "Detour Road" tender, as well as a tender for bridge steel to facilitate staging strategies to mitigate operational impacts to utilities, road traffic, and train operations.
  • Bridge design facilitated both interim and future conditions related to the Centennial GO Station. Interim design consisted of a single-track superstructure (through-plate girders (TPGs)) that were laterally jacked north and south in staged construction to assist in rapid construction delivery during short track block durations.


  • Bridge designed to allow for repositioning of girders for the provision of future track and GO station platform infrastructure.
  • Lateral jacking of through-plate girders to assist rapid construction delivery
  • The design of a new storm water management system intended to alleviate surcharging and overflow of existing local trunk system, and redevelopment of outfall to mitigate deterioration to embankment of downstream discharge channel.

Project numbers

Years (design: 2014-2016; construction: 2013-2017 (multiple contracts))
2.5 million kg of steel (grade separation)

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