Calgary Green Line LRT Ancillary Revenue Options

Alternative revenues analysis in light rail transit

City of Calgary | Canada | January - March 2017

46 km of additional LRT corridor

28 new stations added to the existing LRT system

Nearly 40 million passengers served annually by the new line

Exploration of non-fare funding opportunities


  • The City of Calgary’s existing LRT infrastructure will be expanded tremendously with the addition of the Green Line LRT.
  • The new extension is key to the city’s continued growth and will connect northern and southern suburbs to the city’s downtown center.
  • The Green Line project team had an objective to identify revenue sources that would help offset capital costs.
  • An analysis was needed to determine how the private sector could be leveraged to create funding opportunities for the City of Calgary.


  • Development partnerships and incentives: land dispositions, partnerships with developers, and non-monetary development incentives
  • Station retail: commercial concessions adjacent to transit stations
  • Development levies, charges, and assessments: contributions from new development will fund new capital facilities needed to accommodate growth


  • Greater mobility from north to south within the Metro Calgary area
  • Pedestrian friendly, accessible, and environmentally sustainable transit
  • 28 new stations added to the existing LRT system

Project numbers

  • Green Line will add 46 kilometres of LRT corridor and 28 stations to the existing LRT system
  • Nearly 40 million passengers will be served by the new line each year

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