Calgary Green Line LRT

The City of Calgary | Canada | 2014-Ongoing

240,000 passengers per day

Additional 46 km of track to existing LRT system

Additional 28 LRT stations


  • The existing 59 km network of LRT infrastructure in Calgary will be expanded with the addition of the Green Line LRT.
  • The future Green Line is an important part of The City’s transportation plan to connect Keystone in the north and Seton in the south to downtown Calgary.
  • Once complete, the Green Line will add 46 km of track to the existing LRT system, 28 additional stations, and will serve nearly 240,000 passengers per day.


  • As the prime engineering consultant, we've been working with The City to develop the Green Line, undertaking both technical and advisory activities ranging from land use planning, route selection through to preliminary engineering, contracting strategy, and procurement.
  • Our contributions include:
    • Achieving City-shaping goals through a layered approach that identifies key urban integration components such as transit infrastructure, connections to stations, and provision of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) infrastructure.
    • Advisory services including selection of program delivery model, development of a contracting procurement strategy, development of a business case, support for the funding application process, and quantitative risk assessment on cost and schedule.
    • Facilitating a collaborative project team approach through the integration of both Hatch and The City of Calgary teams.
    • Coordinating and managing a multidisciplinary Hatch team to undertake the development of a new City design guideline manual for low-floor LRT.
    • Preliminary design for a low-floor LRT system and supporting infrastructure, including civil engineering, road and rail bridge structures, tunnel structures, and stations.
    • Identification, detailed design, and project management of enabling work projects to be completed prior to Green Line construction.
    • Integration of TOD planning into the preliminary design for the station stops.
    • Operations and technology analyses to validate design assumptions.
    • Effective public and stakeholder engagement as established by The City’s Engage Policy.


  • The Green Line will provide a reliable and direct service to downtown and major centers, therefore encouraging more commuters to choose transit over vehicles.
  • The future Green Line will service connections to the new South Health Campus, Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre, Central Library, Stampede Park, the proposed Calgary Events Centre, and numerous other recreation and employment centers, as well as integrate with a future transit connection to the Calgary International Airport.
  • Development of TOD within the context of five different character areas along the 46 km corridor.
  • Development of plans for staged implementation of park-and-ride facilities.
  • Construction starting in 2017 (enabling work projects) with revenue service starting in 2026.

Project numbers

46 km of LRT track with at-grade, elevated, and tunnel sections.
28 LRT stations including underground stations.
Three river crossings.
Two maintenance and storage facilities

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