Bradfield City Centre

Leading the vision & master plan for Sydney’s third city centre

Western Parkland City Authority | Western Sydney, Australia | 2020-2023

Sydney’s third city centre: the Western Parkland City

Gateway to the new 24/7 Western Sydney International Airport

2 million sqm floorspace for more than 17,000


  • Establishing ambitious yet practical aspirations across First Nations values, greening, ecology, mobility, city form, urbanity, design excellence, smart technologies, and advanced industries.
  • Maintaining a visionary master plan while integrating complex layers of planning, transport, and infrastructure decisions from multiple agencies across the broader aerotropolis.
  • Navigating a pathway to transform the greenfield setting into a thriving, connected 24/7 metropolis through staged, adaptable and flexible city evolutions.


  • Recognise Country Strategy: developed with Traditional Custodians and First Nations design advisors to respect and integrate First Nations values and foster connection with Country.
  • Master Plan: extensive design development from a multidisciplinary team led by Hatch with best practice approaches to city form, public domain, streets, and built form.
  • Design Excellence Strategy: establishing design requirements and processes for key buildings and public spaces to ensure the delivery of a world-class city.


  • Global benchmarking: Over 65 case studies across seven themes of Great Places to position the city for success and resilience.
  • Place Visioning: A distinct place identity and unique value proposition underpinned the design to attract industry, residents, and visitors in a globally competitive environment.
  • Authentic Engagement: extensive engagement and collaboration with WPCA Board, NSW Government Agencies, Technical Assurance Panel, and Traditional Custodians.
  • Trusted advisor to NSW Government as lead master planner for over 3 years.

Project Numbers

114 hectares
Over 2,000,000 sqm floorspace
More than 17,000 jobs
More than 15,000 residents
Over 36 hectares of parks and waterways

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