Upper Feeder Platforms

Detailed design of the Upper Feeder Platform

Bruce Power | Tiverton, Ontario | 2017 – 2020

Platforms designed above the reactor face

Work platforms support personnel and tooling

Replacement of feeder tubing and nuclear fuel channel assemblies


As part of the MCR program, the carbon steel feeder tubing and the specialized nuclear fuel channel assemblies of the primary heat transport (PHT) system must be replaced.

A portion of the feeder program work was required to take place in parallel with the detube /retube (DT/RT) work occurring below in the vault. As a result, temporary work platforms must be designed above the reactor face to facilitate the feeder replacement work.


  • Hatch assisted the client by providing detailed design of the upper feeder templates and template support structure.
  • Prepared design planning documents like DP, PEP, PQP, etc.
  • Accepted design deliverables from the subcontractor (Winsafe Corp.) for the Upper Feeder Platform.


Design of temporary work platforms allowed work feeder program work and detube/retube work to take place in parallel, a requirement needed to meet the overall project schedule.

Hatch completed the role of ADE in accordance with the Engineering Change Control (ECC) process (BP-PROC-00539/00542).

Project numbers

$1.5M Capital Value.

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