Thunder Bay solar projects

Unused space becomes twenty years of green, renewable energy

Thunder Bay Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc. | Canada | 2012 - 2013

6 rooftop solar installations
83,000 ft2 of otherwise unused roof space
685kW power generation


  • The existing buildings were not designed for solar panel loads. 
  • The projects were located on public buildings being used daily. 
  • Due to the northern location, panel arrangements needed to be designed to maximize annual power output. 
  • The arrangement was carefully designed to factor in winter snow removal. 


  • The arrangement of panels was carefully analyzed to maximize roof coverage without exceeding the structural design limits of the existing buildings. 
  • Strong management and careful planning ensured the site work did not interfere with ongoing building activities. 
  • Extensive simulations were carried out to ensure panel arrangements and angles were set to maximize annual output, taking into account roof layout and building location. 
  • The mounting system was selected to allow safe and easy snow removal, and the system was arranged to minimize the impact of snow on energy output. 


  • Projects were completed safely, achieving the Hatch goal of “no harm.” 
  • There were no disruptions to daily building operations or public access to buildings. 
  • Six installations were completed within the original budget and in accordance with the project schedule. 
  • The installations were designed to generate approximately 394 megawatt hours of electricity per year—enough to power thirty-six homes. 
  • Thunder Bay Hydro will sell the generated electricity to the Ontario Power Authority under a twenty-year Feed-In Tariff program (FIT) contract. The electricity will be distributed to the provincial grid. 

Project numbers

C$3.6 Million
20-year Feed-In-Tariff Program contract

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