SunCoke South Shore Project

Producing more coke with clean, green energy as a byproduct

SunCoke Energy | United States | 2012–2015

households powered

1.3 million tons
of iron created annually

US$450 million


  • Design a greenfield metallurgical coke-making facility complete with a power island for SunCoke Energy.
  • Meet strict environmental regulations while maximizing coke production and improving economics through the generation of electricity from waste heat.
  • Develop an optimized plant layout within the small available footprint.
  • Reduce project costs in the midst of a volatile global market.


  • Working closely with SunCoke, we developed an integrated plant design that maximizes production of its main saleable product while generating a consistent revenue stream from electricity generation.
  • A stream of generated energy that was not being used to produce revenue was leveraged. Grid interconnection options across state lines were identified, and a power island was developed to produce clean electricity to sell to the grid.
  • To maximize the plant's availability, the system was designed to be equipped with redundancy. Three 50-per-cent heat-recovery steam generators and a flue gas system were included, allowing online maintenance of all downstream equipment.
  • We designed the downstream flue-gas cleaning system with circulating dry scrubbers (2 x 100%) to minimize environmental emissions. The overall impact to the plant water balance was also assessed to reduce plant discharge.


  • Optimized the plant footprint to save costs
  • Developed a new damper design and configuration for hot gas ductwork
  • Developed a material handling layout for efficient coal handling and sampling
  • Minimized plant emissions stipulated by US EPA MACT standards

“Hatch has a high degree of customer satisfaction at all levels of SunCoke; Hatch continues to work and provide ideas across the board with B.D. Engineering & Projects and senior management, presenting several strategic ideas for SunCoke’s business. Each level of Hatch’s team presents strong management skills.”

| Director of Global Sourcing, SunCoke

Project numbers

120 coke ovens produce 660,000 tons per annum of metallurgical coke.
3 x 50% heat-recovery steam generators and one steam turbine produce up to 82 MW of electricity to sell to the grid.
Designed for 700,000 lb/hr of flue gas at 2,200°F and producing 1,200 psig steam at 930°F—enough coke to make about 1.3 million tons of iron annually. (The entire Golden Gate Bridge weighs less than 900,000 tons.)

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