Rainy River Solar

Rainy River First Nations Solar LP | Canada | 2013–2015


PV modules


helical piles


  • Build a 210-acre, 25 MW solar farm in Canada's north.
  • Project comprises three smaller developments (two 10 MW sites and one 5 MW site). Each site required a separate feed-in-tariff contract, renewable energy approval, and substation.
  • Temperatures are below ˗40 °C for much of the year, so there were design and construction challenges related to deep frost and exposure limits.


  • Hatch acted as full-time, on-site owner's engineer.
  • Provided detailed design basis, noise study documentation, regulatory applications and permit alignment, energy output assessment, and system modeling.
  • Custom inverter housings and the longest piling foundation ever used in Ontario implemented to overcome deep frost challenges.


  • 13,000 helical piles used that could withstand potential frost heave while still allowing cost-effective and timely installation.
  • Significant participation from local First Nations communities; Rainy River First Nations was majority project owner and formed a significant part of the project labor force alongside other local communities.
  • Project outperforming expectations.

Project numbers

41,000 MW hours of electricity per year
20-year power purchase agreement
C$132.5 million CAPEX
3,900 households powered

Services & technologies provided


Project management

Renewable power

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