Maritime Link

Connecting energy supply and demand

Emera Newfoundland and Labrador (ENL) and Nova Scotia Power Maritime Link Inc. (NSPML) | Canada | 2012–Ongoing

350 km
transmission line

600 jobs 
created during construction peak


  • Nova Scotia wants to import power generated from the Muskrat Falls generating station in Labrador.
  • A major interconnection of transmission systems is between the island province of Newfoundland and the mainland province of Nova Scotia in Canada.
  • The new 500 MW, +/- 200 kV HVDC link will need to run via submarine cable across the 170 km Cabot Strait.


  • Hatch is providing all engineering and design services for the terrestrial components of the project.
  • We’re also designing telecommunication and accommodation facilities, access roads, and site preparation works for AC/DC converter stations and AC substations.


  • Design headquarters established in Halifax to ensure smooth collaboration with the NSPML team there.
  • The 350 km of new overhead transmission lines will have a relatively low environmental footprint because they are being built mostly along the right-of-way of existing transmission lines.
  • The Maritime Link will connect the island of Newfoundland to the North American grid for the first time in history. This alternative electrical-transmission route will make the abundance of energy in Newfoundland and Labrador available for export to Nova Scotia and beyond.

Project numbers

300+ km of overhead 230 kV AC and +/- 200 kV HVDC lines in Newfoundland
230 kV AC to +/- 200 kV HVDC converter station at Bottom Brook
46 km of +/- 200 kV HVDC overhead transmission line in Nova Scotia
+/- 200 kV HVDC to 345 kV HVAC converter station at Woodbine substation
70 km of overhead grounding lines in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia
Two shoreline grounding sites in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia

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