Jordan's IPP3

Guinness record: the world’s largest internal combustion engine power plant

Amman Asia Electric Power Co. & The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Global Facility Agent) | Jordan | 2012 to present

World’s largest reciprocating engine
573 MW of generating capacity
3 fuel-type burning ability (natural gas, light fuel oil, and heavy fuel oil)
24 months to complete the project


  • This fast-tracked project was needed to provide energy security for Jordan. 
  • Lenders required Equator Principles for environmental and social responsibility to be incorporated into the project. 
  • The facility’s quick start-up capability and flexibility is key to efficiently and rapidly meeting sharp daily peaks in demand. 
  • Fuel logistics was a challenge given that this plant near Amman was located 335 kilometres from the nearest fuel import terminal in Aqaba. 




  • We were selected as the lender’s engineer and conducted the technical due diligence to assist the project in reaching financial closure. 
  • The construction monitoring that was conducted verified the progress and raised any issues to the lenders. 
  • The performance test of the facility for operation on HFO and natural gas was witnessed in order to verify that the facility will perform as expected. 
  • To ensure compliance with the Equator Principles on behalf of the lenders, we reviewed and monitored the implementation of the environmental and social management system through construction and into operations. 




  • Guinness World Record holder for the world’s largest internal combustion engine power plant. 
  • Emission standards required the installation of a SCR and the plant to operate with HFO with less than 1% sulfur content. 
  • This international project had participation from companies from various parts of the world (e.g. Jordan, Japan, Korea, Finland). 
  • Flexibility provides a strong backbone for the local grid, so Jordan can continue with its plans to grow renewable energy for the country. 



Project numbers

38x Wärtsilä 18V50DF reciprocating engines 
Up to 47.3% electrical efficiency 
573 MW of generating capacity 
US$800 million approximate project cost 
30 minutes or less to achieve full load

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