Exploits River Hydroelectric Assets Condition Assessment

Upgrading aging hydro plants with a levelized CAPEX plan

Nalcor Energy | Canada | 2012

hydro plants assessed

and eInspector tools added value

levelized CAPEX plan for upgrades produced


  • Nalcor Energy needed a technical assessment, CAPEX plan, and an asset management plan in order to bring three aging hydroelectric facilities up to the standards expected of today's utilities.
  • The 100-plus-year-old plants were obtained from Abitibi Bowater Paper Company in 2009.
  • The Grand Falls, Bishop’s Falls, and Buchans generating stations located in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, have a combined output of 101 MW from 15 units, with associated water-retaining structures needed to supply the operation.


  • The HydroVantage software system was used to establish the optimal, risk-informed intervention strategy for the next 20 years.
  • A physical inspection was undertaken of all facilities and past O&M records were evaluated, along with a detailed condition assessment of all assets in the system.
  • Alternatives such as overhaul, refurbishment, upgrade, or replacement were considered, and their costs were estimated.
  • A risk-based assessment of alternatives led to a recommended capital expenditures plan, which was also levelized to satisfy financial constraints.


  • The proprietary eInspector tool was customized to collect and store the data on physical assets. 
  •  HydroVantage prioritized CAPEX, based on minimizing risk due to equipment failures. 
  •  The owner’s annual CAPEX constraints were levelized for the 20-year CAPEX plan.

Project numbers

101 MW from 15 units
20-year CAPEX plan

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