Coal-fired power station maintenance outage

Optimizing safe repairs and inspections with minimal downtime

Australia | 2012-2013

160 MW
coal-fired power station

0 LTIs
during the maintenance outage

Peak workforce of 372
people during the maintenance outage


  • Our client was required to undertake mandatory maintenance outages for their coal-fired power plant to comply with legislative requirements for inspection of the boiler pressure parts (AS 3788).
  • The outage provided an opportunity to conduct repairs that required the plant to be offline for an extended period of time.
  • There was a comprehensive work scope, which included repairs and inspection of the boilers, steam turbine, balance of plant, electrical systems, and upgrade of the steam turbine governor controls.
  • The outage was required to be completed quickly to minimize downtime while simultaneously maintaining stringent quality and safety standards.


  • Together with our client’s management and sustaining maintenance delivery organization, we formed an integrated team to oversee the maintenance outage.
  • Detailing scoping, engineering, and preparation of specifications for various work packages for the maintenance outage were developed by Hatch.
  • The integrated team was responsible for the development of a detailed project schedule, tracking and forecasting performance, and cost control.
  • During the maintenance outage, continuous safety and quality management, which included safety performance reporting and contractor auditing, was used by the integrated team.


  • From start-up, the plant achieved full capacity according to plan, with optimum reliability.
  • The maintenance outage was completed on time, with zero LTIs.
  • This proven delivery model has been implemented during multiple outages at this power station for the same client.

Project numbers

Peak work force of 372 people
0 LTIs during the maintenance outage
160 MW coal-fired power station

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Project management

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