Chaudière Falls Hydroelectric Redevelopment

Chaudière Hydro LP | Canada | 2014–2017

2018 Award of Excellence
Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards

homes powered

115,000 metric tons
per year of GhG emissions saved

29 MW
generating capacity


  • Redevelop the existing hydroelectric generating facilities on Chaudière Island on the Ottawa River.
  • Construct a new 29 MW generating station with an enlarged intake and discharge channel, and retire the existing Ottawa No. 2 (6 MW) and Ottawa No. 3 (3 MW) stations from service.
  • Generate clean, renewable energy while reducing the impact to the environment, providing a public place for everyone’s enjoyment, and paying tribute to Canada’s native peoples and history.


  • We are providing full EPCM services for the design and execution.
  • The plant will have an enlarged and hydraulic-efficient intake and discharge channel, allowing a maximum of 340 m3/s through the facility.
  • Design includes a downstream passage protection system for the endangered American eel and a spawning habitat for lake sturgeon in the tailrace. An upstream eel passage has also been incorporated into the permanent works.


  • The power facility design includes safe viewing platforms, greater public access along a corridor on the new hydro facility’s roof to the newly constructed public plaza, and uninhibited views of the existing dam and Ottawa River.
  • Two of the oldest existing buildings on the site will be restored and repurposed.

"Overall cost estimates for the Chaudière Falls Hydroeletric Redevelopment Project were provided in the early stages by Hatch and were supported by detailed and accurate documentation and drawings. This has led to a significant reduction in the construction risk as well as competitive pricing for civil construction."

Franz Kropp | Director of Generation, Energy Ottawa

Project numbers

29 MW powerhouse
4 turbine generator sets
164 GWh /year of power

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