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Less risk, more value

Traditional inspections programs, infrastructure monitoring, or data-gathering events can pose challenges and drive up operational costs when access is limited, difficult, or unsafe. These restrictions often force a compromise to be made between the quality and completeness of the collection process. With limited budgets and tight schedules, having access to quality and timely data is key to driving any project to successful execution.

Drone applications for industries

The use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), more commonly known as drones, provides greater flexibility and mobility for capturing data from areas where access is unsafe, difficult, or not economically feasible. Drone platforms are sensor-rich with autonomous execution and advanced analytics. They can fast-track data collection, accelerate project execution, and provide new avenues for optimizing operations and value creation for many industries.

Hatch provides turnkey UAV services such as:

  • Aerial surveying;
  • Photogrammetry reality modeling;
  • Volumetric calculations;
  • Visual inspections;
  • Water sampling at depth.

The benefits of using turnkey UAS solutions from Hatch

Save time and money capturing field data and generating insights, while improving safety at the same time. 

  • Improve the efficiency and safety of operations.
  • Provide valuable data that previously could not be obtained economically.
  • Reduce the cost of monitoring programs.
  • Eliminate an enormous amount of risk during inspections.
  • Provide immediate analysis and interpretations of results.

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