Our clients aspire to create places that make a difference in people’s lives–places that are exciting, beautiful, sustainable, prosperous, and livable. Our Great Places Process® builds on the authentic foundations of each place to create an inclusive sense of belonging and leave a legacy that evolves naturally over time. Enriched by carefully shaped visions, values, and design, our place-led approach is at the core of the vibrant and successful communities we create with our clients, integrating design, planning, placemaking, and economics to deliver truly great places.

Our Process

The Great Places Process® is a six-step project delivery model that aligns with the value chain of development, allowing creative inputs to match the economic and approval steps that facilitate sound and efficient investment. The process de-risks decision-making, adds value, and keeps the process focused on the outcome of creating great places that enrich the quality of life of the people who will live, work, and visit them. The process is customizable to suit the scale and complexity of individual projects.


The use of the Great Places Process® is a key point of difference to other firms. It ensures that the entire vision, concept, delivery, and activation of each place is authentically grounded and will enrich the quality of life for the people who will live, work, and visit it. By using the Great Places Process®, we consistently deliver for our clients:

1. Project outcomes that are true to the original project vision.

2. A meaningful response to the individual place that differentiates projects from the competition, resulting in sought-after and commercially successful developments.

3. Community benefit through the creation of places that are vibrant, beautiful, sustainable, prosperous, and livable.

4. Collaborative, partnership-based development that ensures the community, key stakeholders, and the project team are fully engaged and supportive throughout the project life cycle.

5. Early engagement and responsive design, which results in faster approvals and better outcomes.

  Great Places Process


Safety management done right

Kevin Reilly and Sarah Rydgren
At Hatch, we know our clients value safety. A Safety Management System is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We build implementation strategies centered around the culture of each respective client. By examining where a client’s safety maturity is and knowing what an industry-leading SMS looks like, our experts have the expertise to design and execute a detailed implementation plan for how to work together with the client to achieve their vision.
Patrick Ransom

Public transport and the COVID recovery

Patrick Ransom
Public transport operators are being hit hard by COVID. They can, however, play a critical role in supporting the recovery and driving a more positive future if sufficient funding is made available.
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