H. G. Acres Symposium



This high level roundtable discussion focused on the benefits of using industry leading tools to help you manage your business and drive efficiencies in both project execution and facility operation while reducing overall risk. Topics discussed include digital project delivery, prioritization of rehabilitation work using HydroVantage, hydraulic resource optimization with VISTA DSS, and risk informed decision making using screening tools. 

Delivering projects in 2020, and beyond



A discussion on the evolution and application of quantitative risk-informed dam safety decision making



Prioritization of capital investments and a risk mitigation approach to rehabilitation projects





This interactive session dives deep into topics which are affecting how we live, work, and interact with the environment. Topics discussed include how renewables can be integrated to maximize hydroelectric production; how to capitalize on new perspectives on ways to work in the digital era; and tools our clients and colleagues need to navigate ongoing changes in environmental legislation. 

Green energy production



Digital & technology - The new workforce and how they will impact hydro production



Navigating changes in regulatory requirements for species at risk





This interactive, executive-level discussion addresses several important challenges and opportunities in the power industry with a specific focus on Ontario. Topics discussed include what electrification may look like in the province and the required enablers, how digital applications can help to optimize existing hydroelectric resources, and some real examples of how social risk can impact project outcomes and corporate performance. Seemingly diverse topics and yet all intimately related in the coming transformation in the power sector.

Ontario electricity sector - in the midst of unprecedented changes



Digital and the future of hydro



Exploring material costs of ignoring the "s" in ESG



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