Overcoming significant public safety concerns with permanent floating safety booms


As presented during the Ontario Waterpower Association’s Virtual Summit and Tradeshow, the topic of this 25-minute webinar centers around dam safety.

Public safety is a major concern for dam owners and operators. That’s why public guidelines were developed by the Canadian Dam Association and Regulators that explain responsibilities and liabilities, while guiding dam owners through the public safety risk assessment process and how to create management plans. Guidelines also include information on how to implement safety booms for the purpose of public safety, and to manage debris and ice.

So what exactly are safety booms and why should you consider implementing them? Find out what our experts have to say about this important public safety device.

Speakers included:

  • Greg Schellenberg, Hydrotechnical engineer
  • Brittany Toews, Hydrotechnical engineer
  • Jeremy Walker, Senior Structural Engineer

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