Identifying & Setting Priorities Through Road Mapping of Decarbonization Projects


Organizations globally are taking action to combat the effects of climate change by developing decarbonization road maps, including alumina refining and aluminium smelting. A structured methodology is the best way to develop a credible decarbonization strategy based on an actionable roadmap. It clearly identifies, screens, and prioritizes projects that, once implemented, will help an organization meet their GHG reduction targets.

In this talk you will hear from two of our leaders in their respective fields who share a single goal—to help producers develop and, ultimately, meet their climate change goals.

Read Trevor and Stephan’s blog on this topic.

Speakers included:

  • Dr Trevor Bergfeldt, Global Director, Decarbonization & Sustainability, Metals, Hatch
  • Stephan Broek, Director, Environmental Engineering & Technology, Metals, Hatch

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