52nd H.G. Acres Symposium

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As part of this special event, Hatch and industry experts from New York Power Authority, SaskPower, and Ontario Power Generation discussed the very critical topic of climate change. The panelists shared their unique approaches to climate change, discussed threats and opportunities, and shared valuable lessons learned.

Speakers included:

  • Host: Jim Sarvinis Managing Director, Power, Hatch
  • Moderator: Francesca Ottoni Ontario Regional Manager, Waterpower, Hatch
  • Panelist: Joseph Kessler EVP and Chief Operating Officer, New York Power Authority
  • Panelist: Mike Marsh President and Chief Executive Officer, SaskPower
  • Panelist: Robby Sohi Senior Vice President – Corporate Business Development and Strategy, Ontario Power Generation
  • Panelist: Susan McGeachie Global Director, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, Hatch

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