Using concentrated solar power technology to extend the life of geothermal resources and maintain peak power supply

Author(s) F.Orojlou


In recent years, various feasibility studies and projects have demonstrated the benefits of integrating concentrated solar power (CSP) within a binary geothermal power plant. The CSP-geothermal hybrid systems complement and improve each other by addressing some of the inherent limitations of each system and ultimately providing a stable and reliable base load power. These hybrid plants are being used in the United States, particularly in Nevada, Oregon, and Utah.

Some limitations of these systems are: 

  • Binary geothermal resources mostly are low-to-moderate temperature
  • Geothermal fields have relatively short life spans  
  • Solar power systems are unreliable for peak power demand  
  • Solar power is weather dependent  

A hybrid plant solution, which is safe, innovative, and sustainable, helps address these limitations.