Review of Phosphoric Acid Production Technologies

Author(s) L. Tran, J. Ladebuk, A. Parrenin
2023 AIChE Annual Meeting - November 5, 2023 to November 10, 2023 - Orlando, FL


Phosphoric acid is a critical raw material used predominantly in the production of phosphate fertilizer. It is also used as a food and detergent additive, and increasingly as a key ingredient for the production of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. Over time, challenges such as evolving environmental regulations, declining phosphate ore grades, and challenges with tailings management, have generated a need within the industry to investigate alternate ways of producing phosphoric acid while simultaneously combatting these industry challenges. Hatch has investigated alternate technologies for producing phosphoric acid, primarily hydrometallurgical processes and pyrometallurgical processes, to understand the benefits of each process and aid clients in an everchanging industry.