Mine to Flotation Process Optimization at Chinalco Toromocho Operation

Author(s) D. Fangrong, D. Yang, A. Muñoz, W. Valery, R. Valle, E.Tabosa, J. Siong, C. Plasencia
Procemin, Geomet 2023, Sheraton Santiago Hotel, Chile


Minera Chinalco Peru S.A (Chinalco) is currently assessing alternatives to optimize its value chain, from the mine to comminution and flotation circuits, for long-term sustainable results. The aim is to maximize throughput and metal recovery at the Toromocho mining complex in Peru. Hatch Consulting & Technology has been providing technical support throughout the project and identifying opportunities in the comminution and flotation circuits. The project has been conducted in stages, starting with drill and blast optimization in 2017. This was followed by the optimization of the Phase I grinding circuit and the development of a throughput forecast model. Currently, the Phase II grinding circuit optimization is underway along with debottlenecking and optimization study of the Cu bulk flotation circuit to prepare for increased throughput. The project has identified several improvement opportunities, with potential throughput increase of up to 14% in the Phase I grinding circuit. Chinalco is in the process of implementing the recommendations for the Phase I grinding circuit and plans to integrate them with the upcoming recommendations for the Phase II grinding and Cu bulk flotation circuits. This integration will leverage the benefits across the entire production chain. Overall, the Mine-to-Flotation optimization project undertaken by Chinalco is a significant step towards maximizing operational efficiency, metal recovery, and sustainable results at the Toromocho mining complex. By systematically addressing each stage of the value chain and integrating the recommended optimizations, Chinalco aims to establish a robust foundation for long-term success in their mining and processing operations.