Major Rehabilitation of the Montreal 55 Years Old Lafontaine Immersed Tube Highway Tunnel - Design Considerations

Author(s) J. Habimana, B. Amara, L. Rus
Presented at the Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference (RETC) 2023, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, June 11-14, 2023.


The La Fontaine Tunnel in Montreal, Quebec is currently undergoing major structural rehabilitation work and systems upgrade work to comply with current codes, standards and best practices in fire life safety and to extend its lifespan of this 55-year-old immersed tube tunnel for at least another 40 years.

The paper discusses design consideration of ongoing works that include structural analyses to evaluate repair strategies for the post-tensioned reinforced caissons, the scheme to repair two leaky joints between caissons, the design of passive fire protection that involved in situ and real scale laboratory tests, and other tunnel systems upgrades.