Reducing carbon footprint in mining and metallurgical industries

Author(s) S. Broek, T. Bergfeldt
Gold and Technologies LLC , Hatch


All major industries must contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions for mitigation of impact on climate change. To develop a roadmap to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, an analysis is required of all production areas for direct and indirect emissions. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is driven by numerous optimization solutions and changes in the work of the enterprise, and to find the right decisions a clear plan is required. Hatch company works with a variety of customers around the world on the tasks of decarbonization of enterprises and has already developed proven techniques for creating roadmaps that lead to the set goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In this article, Hatch company explains how this works on the example of the production of primary aluminum, but the same approach can be applied in other industries as well, including the production of gold.