PS-3642 - Scheduling metrics - The dangers of remaining silent

Author(s) B. Nasui, R.M, Winter
Presented at the AACE International Conference & Expo - 2021 Virtual Conference & Expo - June 14-18, 2021


Software makes it simple to identify and count particular aspects of CPM schedules in what is known as “schedule metrics”. Some companies and governmental agencies have already implemented systems to measure the schedule quality using their selected metrics, with predefined thresholds. As such, multiple guidelines have made their way into the project controls industry, but most of them have been declared by fiat, not community consensus. Soon they will be considered industry standards, even without input from the users.

But are the right aspects of schedules being evaluated or just the easy ones to measure? And what message do these metrics convey? The application of a “one size fits all” quality criteria ignores the fact thresholds are impacted by a variety of factors.

Are commercially proprietary measurements becoming required industry standards without proper consultation? The project controls community should become involved in setting the standards that they will be using.

This paper highlights the dangers of remaining silent when others are defining the schedule quality by mere convenience than community acceptance. It could serve as basis for a future RP on the subject.