Assessment of a methodology to measure carbon footprint

Author(s) G. B. Gilberti, E. J. S. Filho, T. L. Carreira
AISTech 2021 — Proceedings of the Iron & Steel Technology Conference 29 June–1 July 2021, Nashville, Tenn., USA


This study evaluates the potential supply chain associated carbon footprint reduction with the implementation of CO2-eq calculation in a company’s strategic, tactical and operational supply chain network decisions. The proposed calculation approach, based on the NTM method, was applied in a case study for a major player in the metallurgical industry with average outbound transportation carbon footprint at 308 kt of CO2-eq for 2018-2019. The results show that application of network optimization trade-offs for the company’s supply chain operations that include CO2-eq could lead to carbon footprint reductions reaching greater than 50,000 t CO2-equivalent per year, or 16% of current emissions.