Six Sigma in project engineering

Author(s) S.B.Roy
WE Local India 2021 Virtual Conference


Six Sigma is an organized, data-driven and statistical approach to process improvement. Process excellence in business, can increase top-line growth and reduce bottom line costs. Process management is the foundation of Six Sigma, which is utilized on an ongoing basis to monitor processes and diagnose performance problems. Six Sigma is implemented in project engineering process improvement by applying RDMAICR - Recognize, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control and Realize principles. Major task of identifying the Six Sigma project and project scoping are conducted in the initial two phases. MAIC is like a funnel which reduces the number of variables. In Control phase the output is optimized. Ultimately, the results are tracked for a duration of generally one year. This presentation provides a comprehensive overview of the application of RDMAIC principles in project engineering and also encompasses the involvement of leadership roles and competency levels in implementing a successful Six Sigma project.