Ferrochrome production from Ontario’s ring of fire chromite

Author(s) M. McCaffrey, M. Cramer, S. Flewelling, M. Baker, R. Weston, M. Desilets
Presented at COM 2020, virtual conference The 59th Conference of Metallurgists (COM) + Uranium 2020, October 14-15, 2020


Noront Resources plans to develop domestic production of ferrochrome from Ontario’s Ring of Fire chromite deposits. The mature industrial and regulatory environment in Ontario supports an environmentally responsible approach to design and operation of a smelter in Sault Ste. Marie. Ontario’s overwhelmingly green electricity supply, as well as flowsheet optimizations mean that Noront Resources will have one of the world’s lowest greenhouse gas footprints per unit chromium production. Flowsheet selection has focussed on minimized potential for formation of hexavalent chromium, and effective control of all emissions, utilizing proven processes. The design also features zero discharge of process water, 100% recycle of internally produced dust, and sale of by-product slag. Finally, the development will bring significant economic benefit and provide reliable and high-quality employment for decades.